A Postcard for Floyd – Special Content from the book intro 
(Italian language – subtitled in english)

Angelica Pesarini and Adama Sanneh conversing with me about the project.
This is the video referred in my introduction in the book “A Postcard for Floyd”.
This is a video we decided to shoot when we came to a critical point in our discussion. It was not the first time it happened, but we were used to overcome it by an open and frank dialogue.
So we had the idea to record the our discussion to show how an open dialogue may be successful to overcome important differences even on a relevant theme like this one is.
Along the the video a different way of seeing my artwork emerges, which – I admit – was surprising to me as well.

Emilio Rossi  and Emma Liverani are two very different musicians who joined the project.
Emilio is a professional producer, founder of Phoenix Studio in Brescia (Italy). Emma is a young lady (13 years old at the tine of this video),  who plays piano incredibly well.
Even if they didn’t know each other, they both referred to a song in their postcards. Emma quoted Ebony and Ivory, Emilio quoted Schindler’s List theme.
When I saw their postcards I asked hem to come to Emilio’s recording studio to play together and to record a mix of those wonderful songs.
This is a wonderful example of how powerful the music can be. I love this performance, and all the meaning it carries on.
Video by Celeste Eugenia Lombardi

Linda Del Bianco decided to partially burn the postcard to perform her artwork. Here is how she did it.

Monica Cattani shows how she performed her postcard for the project.